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Silicon Valley in the East Heaven of Entrepreneurship
   Hangzhou will adhere to the development idea of innovation, coordination, green, open and share, constantly deepen the practice of “Eight & Eight Strategy”, shoulder the new mission of “doing practical work endlessly, walking ahead to seek new development”. With improving people’s livelihood as the ultimate purpose, leading development as the most important thing, reform and innovation as the main driving force, holding “G20 Summit and 2022 Asian Games“ and building “two districts” as the starting point, it will promote the construction of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization in an coordinated manner, build a comprehensive well-off city at a high level, guarantee its leading and demonstrating role in the whole province, ensure it will keep ahead among the important cities in the whole country, co-build and share a famous historical and cultural city, a city with innovation vitality and an oriental city of high quality, try to build a sample of beautiful China and march forward towards the goal of building a world-renowned city.
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