Resource Advantage

Comprehensive Strength
In 2015, the GDP of the whole Hangzhou City reached RMB 1005.358 billion; calculated at comparable prices, it increased by 10.2% over the previous year. The GDP per Capita reached RMB 112,268, increasing by 9.1%; calculated according to the average exchange rate in 2015 released by the State, it reached USD 18,025. The financial revenue continued to grow rapidly. In 2015, the general financial revenue of the whole city reached RMB 223.875 billion, increasing by 11.0% over the previous year, including the local financial revenue of RMB 123.388 billion, increasing by 9.8%.

Industrial Structure
Hangzhou greatly develops the tertiary industry, adjusts and optimizes the secondary industry, stably enhances the primary industry and actively promotes the coordinated development of the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry. In 2015, the value added of the primary industry in the whole city was RMB 28.769 billion, increasing by 1.8%; that of the secondary industry was RMB 391.060 billion, increasing by 5.6%, and that of the tertiary industry was RMB 585.529 billion, increasing by 14.6%. The industrial structure is 2.9∶38.9∶58.2.

Open Economy
During the “12th Five-year Plan” period, Hangzhou was the place where various industries and capital investments competed. Accumulatively, it newly approved 2308 foreign-invested enterprises and actually used the foreign capital of USD 28.406 billion accumulatively, over-fulfilling the goal of “accumulatively exceeding USD 25 billion in the ‘12th Five-year Plan’ period”, increasing by 69.7% over the “11th Five-year Plan” period. As of 2015, Hangzhou has accumulatively introduced 112 Global 500 enterprises, which invested 188 projects in Hangzhou in total.

Use of Foreign Investment
The vigorous economy and good investment environment in Hangzhou attract investors from all over the world and global elites to live, start up business and make investment here, realizing their “China Dream”. The business performance of the foreign-invested industrial enterprises above designed size takes up a larger share among the industrial enterprises above designated size in the whole city, making outstanding contributions. Among the industrial enterprises above designated size in the whole city, there are only less than 1/5 of the foreign-invested enterprises, but they contribute nearly 1/3 of the total operating revenue and nearly 1/2 of the total profit.

Hangzhou has rich tourism resources. The golden tourism route composed of Qiantang River, Fuchun River, Xin’an River, Thousand-Island Lake, West Lake and Mount Tianmu is well-known at home and abroad. West Lake Scenic Area is one of the 10 great landscapes in China, covering an area of 60.8km2, and it integrates scenic spots and historic sites, gardens and parks, mountains and water as a whole. In 2011, West Lake Cultural Landscape was formally inscribed on the World Heritage List, and so far, West Lake is the only lake cultural heritage among the world heritages in China that are inscribed on the World Heritage List. In 2014, the whole city received 3.42 million inbound tourists, and 120 million domestic tourists, increasing by 13.5% over the previous year. In 2015, the gross revenue of tourism industry in the whole city reached RMB 220.067 billion, increasing by 16.7% over the previous year.

Private Economy
In Hangzhou, the number of Chinese top 500 private enterprises ranks first for many consecutive years, and it has cultivated a lot of excellent private enterprises, such as Wahaha, Alibaba, Wanxiang Group, Transfar Group, Zhejiang Geely and XIZI UHC. In recent years, along with the adjustment of industrial structure and injection of technological force, the private enterprises in Hangzhou have strengthened their innovation consciousness, further improved their innovation ability and brand consciousness. In the GDP of the whole city, the proportion of the private economy reaches 59.2%. The private economy in the whole city reaches a value added of RMB 595.172 billion, accounting for 59.2% of that of the whole city; the private economy realizes the financial revenue of USD 91.256 billion, accounting for 40.8% of the general financial revenue of the whole city.
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