Key Sectors

Information Industry
Along with the rapid development of such new-generation information technologies as cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and internet of things, the opening and share, integration and cross-boundary and innovative development of industries has become an inevitable tendency. In such a context, Hangzhou put forward developing the information economy and considered information economy as the main route, main direction and main starting point of promoting the transformation and development of the whole city. In 2015, the information economy realized the value added of RMB 231.385 billion, increasing by 25.0%, and its contribution to the growth of GDP exceeded 50%. That of the mobile internet, digital content, e-commerce, internet finance, cloud computing and big data, software and information service industry increased by 37.5%, 35.5%, 34.5%, 33.5%, 29.6% and 29.4%, respectively.

Internet of Things
Hangzhou is one of the pioneers of internet of things technology R&D and industrialization application research in China, and on the whole, it is in the “first square array” in China. So far, Hangzhou has possessed first mover advantage in some key technology field, has basically formed a relatively complete whole-industrial chain system covering design, R&D of key control chips, manufacturing of sensors and terminal equipment, network transmission, internet of things system integration and relevant operation services. So, it has obvious competition advantage on the whole.
Equipment Manufacturing Industry
The equipment manufacturing industry is the pillar industry of Hangzhou’s industrial economy, and the gross scale accounts for 1/3 of the total industry and its output value accounts for 1/4 of the total output value of equipment manufacturing industry in the whole province. Hangzhou has basically formed the industry system featured by large scale, complete categories, powerful strength, stable development and obvious feature. In 2015, the equipment manufacturing industry in the whole city realized the total industrial output value of RMB 467.746 billion, increasing by 9.2% over the previous year; the industrial sales value realized RMB 459.765 billion, increasing by 8.71%; the revenue from main business realized RMB 466.87 billion, increasing by 6.08%; the total profit increased by RMB 42.568 billion, increasing by 12.51%.

Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Industry
After years’ cultivation and development, the scale of pharmaceutical industry in Hangzhou expands steadily, and the innovation ability of the enterprises is enhanced constantly; the strength of the backbone enterprises is gradually strengthened; and it has formed certain advantages and features. In 2015, Hangzhou had over 500 medicine and medical apparatus and instruments manufacturing enterprises with production permit, and over 2000 licensed products. The pharmaceutical enterprises above designated size in the whole city realized the total industrial output value of RMB 36.044 billion, increasing by 9.77% over the previous year and the sales value of RMB 34.418 billion, increasing by 11.36% over the previous year.

E-commerce Industry
In recent years, e-commerce in Hangzhou has continued keeping a healthy growth trend. The construction of 12 key projects including computing conference, cloud computing and big data application promotion, internet bank, cloud valley project, cross-border e-commerce project, provides a diversified platform for the development of e-commerce. The e-commerce industry in the whole city directly promotes the employment of 400 thousand people and indirectly promotes the employment of over 1 million people. And almost 1 in 5 people is engaged in the industry related to e-commerce. In 2015, the value added of e-commerce industry in the whole city reached RMB 82.654 billion, accounting for 8.22% of GDP of the whole city. It realized the e-retailing of RMB 267.983 billion, the residents’ consumption of RMB 111.91 billion and the favorable balance of e-retailing of RMB 156.073 billion. In the whole city, the e-retailing, residents’ consumption and favorable balance of e-retailing continue to rank first in the whole province. In March, 2015, China (Hangzhou) Cross-Border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area was established with the approval of the State Council and became the first landed project of national “Internet +” strategy. Up to then, the total number of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks in Hangzhou has reached 6. The globally largest B2B trading platform – Ailibaba; the globally largest C2C trading platform – Taobao; the domestically largest B2C trading platform –Tianmao Mall.

Cultural Creative Industry
Since Hangzhou put forward building the “national cultural creative industry center” in 2007, the cultural creative industry has constantly become stronger and stronger, which drives the innovation and creative development of the whole city. besides, Hangzhou joined the Creative Cities Network and Learning Cities Network organized by UNESCO, and got such titles as National Culture and Sci-Tech Integration Demonstration Base, Cross-strait Cultural Creative Industry Cooperation Experimental Area and so on. In 2015, the cultural creative industry in the whole city realized the value added of RMB 223.214 billion, increasing by 20.4% over the previous year and accounting for 22.2% of the GDP of the whole city. It takes a cultural creative industry uptrend road in the economy “new normal” context.

Finance Industry
So far, Hangzhou has formed a diversified business pattern with traditional finance as the dominance and emerging finance as addition. As of the end of 2015, the number of the banking, securities, insurance and financing institutions in the whole city has reached 409, including 49 banking institutions at the branch level or above, 79 insurance institutions at the provincial level or above, 5 securities companies, 10 futures companies, 4 trust companies, 1 fund companies and 1 consumer finance company. Apart from such traditional banks and insurance companies as ICBC, ABC, BOC and CCB and PICC and China Life, it also built several leading enterprises as China Zheshang Bank, Bank of Hangzhou, Wangshang Bank, Zheshang Securities, Yongan Futures and Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Trust to lead the industry development.

Tourism, Conference and Exhibition Industry
Hangzhou has rich tourism resources. The golden tourism route composed of Qiantang River, Fuchun River, Xin’an River, Thousand-Island Lake, West Lake and Mount Tianmu is well-known at home and abroad. West Lake Scenic Area is one of the 10 great landscapes in China, covering an area of 60.8km2, and it integrates scenic spots and historic sites, gardens and parks, mountains and water as a whole. In 2011, West Lake Cultural Landscape was formally inscribed on the World Heritage List, and so far, West Lake is the only lake cultural heritage among the world heritages in China that are inscribed on the World Heritage List. In recent years, based on its own geographical and resource advantages, the total scale of tourism industry has become larger and larger; the industry status has been constantly raised, and the tourism and leisure industry has become an important support of Hangzhou’s economic development. The gross revenue of tourism industry reached RMB 220.067 billion, increasing by 16.7% over the previous year, including the foreign exchange earnings from tourism of USD 2.931 billion, increasing by 7.1%. It received 3.42 million inbound tourists increasing by 4.7%, and 120 million domestic tourists, increasing by 13.5%. As of the end of the year, there have been 685 travel agencies, increasing by 4.1%, 186 starred hotels, including 24 five-star hotels and 46 four-star hotels, 54 class-A scenic areas, including 3 5A-class scenic spots and 34 4A-class scenic spots. During the “12th five-year plan” period, the gross revenue from tourism in the whole city increased by 16.5% annually on average, 0.6 percentage points lower than the average growth rate during the “11th five-year plan” period.
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