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The Cross-Border Trading Town, Hangzhou

The Cross-Border Trading Town is located in the center of Hangzhou-The north of Xiacheng District, far north the line in Shixiang Street´╝îXingye Street and Changcheng Street; far west as the East of The Dongxin Road; south of the Shenjia Road; East of the line in Zhonggong Road and the Qiushi Overhead Highway.The scope of the work planning is 2.9 square kilometers and the major construction projects cover an area of 1.2 square kilometers.

The town relies on China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone's national strategic platform to the comprehensive test area under the city park. The site is developed for a group of related enterprises such as Xintiandi project and other major platform projects as the core carrier, cross-border electric business innovation and development, cross-border trade level upgrade. The modern city function construction closely together, is committed to creating a national and global cross-border trade innovation leading area, Zhejiang and the traditional industry grafting cross-border electricity business hub area, Hangzhou cross-border electric business district comprehensive business district, Hangzhou The northern region of the city integration practice demonstration area, and eventually the cross-trade town to create a set of innovation and innovation city, cross-trade industrial city, tourism shopping city, upstart living city in one, with national and global influence and radiation of the new cross Trade industry functional area.

The Cross- Border Trading Town plans to invest 3.2 billion Yuan. There will be about 1000 cross-border e-commerce and service supporting enterprises, about 10000 entrepreneurs and about 1000 innovation projects, which will make it a complete ecosystem for cross-border e-commerce industry.
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